Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gogo to install satellite, air to ground in-flight Internet solutions on American Airlines’ A320, 737 aircraft

Gogo, a world-leading company providing in-flight connectivity, said in a statement that it will set up two in-flight connectivity solutions on American Airlines’ new Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 deliveries: Ku-band satellite and Gogo’s next generation Air to Ground technology - ATG-4.

These dual systems will allow the aircraft to provide smoothly continuous in-flight Internet service on both domestic and international flights. Installations will take place as the new aircraft are delivered to the U.S this year.

In a company statement, Gogo’s CEO and President Michael Small said, "Installing the two systems helps ensure these aircraft will stay connected wherever they fly, whether they're flying domestically or headed to an international destination. Gogo's ability to deploy multiple connectivity solutions gives us the flexibility to install the right technology for each individual aircraft regardless of its mission. American's decision to use both solutions is further acknowledgment of the significant advantages of the dual system for an enhanced customer experience."

Aside from American’s new A320 family and Boeing 737, Gogo was also formerly chosen to install existing MD-80 and Boeing 737, 757 and 767 in American Airlines domestic aircrafts.

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